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About us

Inis ltd. is a company that develops, builds and maintains integrated business information systems using relational databases (with emphasis on Oracle RDBMS).

We proudly point out our expert knowledge in the field of insurance business information systems acquired during 22 years of work in developing, building and maintaining insurance information systems for  UNIQA insurance d.d. , Basler insurance Zagreb , Croatia and  Adriatic Insurance. , Koper, Slovenia. Besides our expert knowledge in the field of back and front office support for all segments of insurance bussines, along the way we became experts in the field of transparent and reliable system integration  and data migration in the most complex business enviroments.

Our vision of information system is: reliable, comprehensive,. integrated, optimized and in the service of business requirements.

Currently we work on following projects:

- maintenance, development and building of new subsystems of integrated insurance information system for  UNIQA insurance d.d , Zagreb, Croatia.

- maintenance, development and building of parts of Petrokemije, Kutina information system

- maintenance and development of one subsystem of  AntunoviŠ's business information system

- maintenance and building of computer networks for a number of well known companies in Zagreb

- other computer network related projects

History in short:

- in January 1994. Inis ltd was established.

- in February 1994., a contract for development and building of insurance information system for Zagreb Insurance was made with IN2. This came as no surprise knowing that employees of Inis ltd. had rich experience in development and building of insurance information systems acquired during their  two year work for Adriatic Insurance, Koper, Slovenia. As a subcontractor, our company developed majority of integrated information system for Zagreb insurance until january 1999. when we took over further development and maintenance of entire information system in direct contract with Zagreb insurance.
In 2008 Basler insurance acquires Zagreb insurance. INIS succesfully integrates different information systems and later replaces the lot with a single integrated information system including successful and transparent data migration to ensure business continuity.

- In 2014  UNIQA insurance acquires Basler insurance and INIS successfully integrates Basler insurance information system with UNIQA information system in one modular information system for front and back office bussines support and ensures business continuity of the new company. During 2015 INIS successfully integrates sCore Claims and Point of Sale modules made by sTech into the backoffice information system of  UNIQA insurance. including transparent transfer of data between subsystems thus rounding the whole cycle of UNIQA business operations. Development and further integration of all segments of UNIQA insurance information system is in progress.

- In February 1994. we begun working with Petrokemija, Kutina  (then a part of Ina Petrol company ) on building and maintaining information and computer network subsystems. 

- in April 1994. we took over further development, building and integration of entire information system and computer network in  AntunoviŠ  company in Zagreb, Croatia. We developed and maintained their system until 2003. when they upgraded to more information subsystems due to company expansion. Inis ltd made sure that all data was transferred and consolidated with no problem.

- since 1994. we built and maintained a number of computer networks for well known companies in Zagreb.

- Inis has a continuity of its business during last 22 years making it a reliable business partner in field of information systems. We are committed to our customers as well as our partners and suppliers.